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“We’re catching data overages before they happen and preventing data overruns”

Sam Riggerman
IT Manager
The Luke Commission

“Datalert has helped reduce WhiteWater’s overall mobile phone costs by more than 30%”

Chris Palsenbarg
IT Operations Team Lead

With Datalert you're never in the dark about mobile data usage.

Monitor and manage employee data use wherever they are - at home or on the road.Preventing significant data overage and unexpected roaming costs before they occur.

Saaswedo is
a certified Jamf partner
Saaswedo Again Mentioned In Annual Gartner Report
Press Release

Manage your data.
Know your costs.

Mobile data: Your employees are on the go — whether here or abroad — and need data to do their jobs. Their mobile devices and apps use up more and more of it each year. And you’re caught in the middle, trying to avoid costly data overages and prevent those surprise roaming charges. Datalert Data Policy provides a centralized, real-time view of your company’s telecom usage and the comprehensive tools to regulate it, saving you time and money.

Easy for Employees

Intuitive user app allows workers to focus on their job without worrying about exceeding their data usage or generating roaming fees.

Configurable thresholds alert users when they are approaching or reaching their data limits. Filtering data per application when they reach their limits.
Silent rollout of the service without any employee interaction.

Smart for Businesses

Complete transparency and visibility of data usage empowers companies to take charge of their data spend. Filtering usage per application or type of usage.

30-Day trial with all functionalities

Datalert gives you access to a centralized portal with real-time data
visualization and management tools to help you save on your telecom bill.

Analyze roaming costs by geographic zone and apply limit profiles per gropup of users.
Integrates with most software to provide granular control as needed. Seamless rollout.
View company-wide status of data consumption. View breakdown per application.
Set daily, weekly and monthly data consumption limits by user or groups.
Contact Saaswedo at any time for advanced product support.
Automatically send custom alerts and notifications. Filter data per application or traffic type.

Datalert Data Policy+ Saaswedo

Sustainable Digital Workplace Performance

Datalert Data Policy is powered by Saaswedo, a leader in technology expense management software. For over fifteen years, Saaswedo has provided enterprise customers software to simplify management of assets and telecom policies, monitor their costs and optimize their spend. Saaswedo’s software products have been deployed in 50+ countries, supporting 10,000 customers with 3.5 million devices.