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“Datalert has helped reduce WhiteWater’s overall mobile phone costs by more than 30%”
Chris Palsenbarg
IT Operations Team Lead

3 questions to Chris Palsenbarg

How big of a challenge was mobile data expenses for WhiteWater?

As a global company, WhiteWater has employees travelling all over the world to service its numerous customers. As a Canadian company with Canadian-based carriers, whose rates and fees are significantly higher than US and European counterparts, it has been a significant challenge to control our data roaming costs. Our international travel-related calls can be exorbitant and employees often have no idea of the cost until after the bill arrives. Compounding the problem is the fact that they also have no visibility into what they were using their data for—phone calls, emails, or other corporate apps. WhiteWater was in the process of rolling out an MDM solution and chose Microsoft Intune, as it offers Saaswedo’s Datalert, a complementary solution to manage and monitor data and phone

How did you select Datalert?

WhiteWater was looking for an MDM solution that provided the ability to manage data centrally and provide the capacity to alert employees as to their data usage status. WhiteWater selected Microsoft Intune because of the tight integration of Saaswedo’s Datalert offering.

The combined solution alerts users as to their data usage while travelling outside of Canada. This allows the employee to keep track of their usage and avoid costly bills. In addition, WhiteWater Admins can monitor and visualize all data usage for all employees in real-time and can take actions to reduce costly overages. The two solutions work seamlessly together.

What kid of results did you see from deploying Datalert?

Datalert has helped reduce WhiteWater’s overall mobile phone costs by more than 30%. The ability to apply rules, policies, and alerts within Datalert to block data usage, if needed, and control the usage limit of data outside of Canada all from a single interface has helped the company to realize significant savings.


WhiteWater is the leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative waterpark products and active family attractions for world-class clients. WhiteWater is dedicated to providing the ultimate WOW experiences to our clients and their guests by delivering projects on time, on budget, and to the industry’s highest quality and safety standards. Our industry-leading innovation is driven by a team of 600 extremely talented employees in 21 locations around the world working together to complete over 5,000 projects since 1980.

With Datalert you're never in the dark about mobile data usage.

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