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Getting Started

Bill Shock is the adverse customer reaction when their telecom bill has unexpected charges. Bill Shock is most commonly caused by data use when abroad (roaming) or excessive talk time. Often the user doesn’t realize that they are using data and/or they don’t realize the cost associated with roaming with their plan.

No, the solution is agnostic to support all carriers and countries.

The application is available on the Apple App Store and Android App Store. In addition, for companies using Mobile Device Management software (MDM) the app can be pushed to the end user automatically as part of their capabilities.

Yes, Datalert allows for very granular alerting of all types of data usage.

The cost depends on your carrier’s plan, it can vary widely between $7 to $200 for 10 MB.

• It is ~60 average emails
• It is ~1 minute of video streaming
• It is one or two application updates
• It is ~45 minutes of web surfing
• It is ~66% of the average background use for one day (without action on your part)

Datalert tracks any data going over the network via the mobile device including tethering.


Datalert has been optimized to not drain the battery. It requires minimum power to operate and monitor on device data usage.

Corporate Management

The Datalert application on the phone/tablet communicates regularly with the management console. Even if Datalert application is stopped by the end user, it still communicates usage data to the management console.
If the app is uninstalled from the phone, or not in communication with the console, the admin will be alerted. The admin can then engage with the end user to verify app is installed and operational.

No, Datalert is truly a standalone application and does not require any TEM solution.

Yes, messages sent automatically or manually are all customizable from within the management console.

There is no limit to the templated messages that can be setup in the management console.

Key data required for each user (or groups of users):
• The day of invoicing for the carrier plan (billing date)
• The data volume included in the carrier plan package
• The data allowance for roaming included in the carrier plan package

The Wizard tool in the Datalert portal will guide you through the steps to:
• Setup individual lines or groups of lines
• Define alert thresholds and actions
• Configure carrier plans
• Create communications (alerts and messaging).

It is very important to communicate to your employees the cost savings benefits of using Datalert. You can create and manage email messages to end users in the Datalert management portal or use the sample text provided.

No, usage threshold settings and alerts can be applied to several users at once, or even to all users.

No, the Datalert app can be manually installed by end users or via a link sent to end users from the management portal.

Leveraging an MDM package can simplify the install process for Datalert end users. The Datalert app can be pushed via MDM to end users. Also, MDM solutions provide varying ability to monitor the device and apps which can be useful. Finally, an end user's data connection can be terminated automatically from MDM solutions integrated with Datalert.

Airwatch, Mobile Iron, Intune (Microsoft), MaaS360 (IBM), Xenmobile (Citrix)

End User + Employee

No, the alerts set at corporate cannot be changed by end users. End users, however, can add their own alerts via the mobile app interface.

Datalert works on iOS (iPad, iPhone) as well as Android devices. The service is not available for the BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices.

No, when the mobile phone is registered on the platform of enterprise management, the day of billing changes and volumes of packages are sent by the server of the company. The day of invoicing in the application setting is no longer available.

Datalert’s objective is to identify possible roaming overage situations when you are outside your plan countries. The solution does track what country you are in, but not exact location.

Datalert does not track any content of your device. The solution monitors and reports on how much data and WiFi is being used.

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